Gender Equality Institute (IPES): Elections 2018: A study on gender equality in politics

As the first of its kind in Slovenia, the study consists of an analysis of political parties’ beliefs and perceptions of gender equality, an analysis of their programs through the lens of gender, and an analysis of their manifestations through the behavior of representatives during confrontations in the election campaign. There is also a brief analysis of media monitoring and their reporting on aspects of gender in the election campaign. Dr. Milica Antić Gaber and Dr. Mojca Pajnik, among others, have contributed their thoughts to the examined issue.

Institute for Gender Equality Studies (IPES): Research on Gender Equality (Legally) on the European Political Scene (2019).

The study defines a tripartition analysis that reveals perceptions and understanding of gender equality by both female and male candidates on electoral lists, a comparative analysis of political party programs to which female and male candidates belong to, and an analysis of discourse during the elections and the new composition of the European Commission. The study is informed by the contributions of Dr. Metka Mencin Čeplak, Dr. Valerija Korošec, and Mag. Violeta Bulc.